Next member’s readthrough @ The Lifeboat, Eastbourne, Monday 2 August 7:30pm

Hoping to see as many member as possible next Monday, 2nd August at the Lifeboat for a read through of what promises to be more than a bit of a giggle, ‘Murdered to Death’ by Peter Gordon.

….This hilarious spoof of the best of Agatha Christie traditions is set in a country manor house in the 1930s, with an assembled cast of characters guaranteed to delight –Bunting the butler; an English Colonel with the prerequisite stiff upper lip; a shady French art dealer and his moll; the bumbling police inspector and a well-meaning local sleuth who seems to attract murder wherever she goes – they’re all here, and all caught up in the side-splitting antics which follow the mysterious death of the house’s owner. It soon becomes clear that the murderer isn’t finished yet, but will the murderer be unmasked before everyone else has met their doom, or will audiences die laughing first?

As usual if you feel like eating before the reading, The Lifeboat has a good menu. Probably need to get there 6:30-ish.
Alex Cooper will be your hostess for the night & she will allocate the parts around to those who want to read.

So brush up your French & English accents & give ’em an airing at what is sure to be lots of fun.

Cast announced for the Dresser

Florence has just announced the following cast. 

She is still looking for a young and light actress to play the part of Irene.

Norman…………….Trevor Rose

Sir……………….John Marwick

Her Ladyship……….Joanna Hulme

Madge……………..Fran Baldock

Oxenby…………….Chris Sands

Geoffrey…………..Peter Baldock

Gloucester or Kent….Adam Cooper, Michael Booth

Knight/Albany ……..Laurie Ward

Knight/Gentleman……Mike McJorrow

Auditions for The Dresser on Sunday 18 July from 11am

The Dresser – by newly knighted Sir Ronald Harwood is the third BCTT production for 2010.

Auditions for supporting roles on 18th July from 11am at Muritai School Hall.

Phone Florence on 562 8116 for a time.

Performances: October 21, 22, 23 & 28, 29, 30,

This play gives us a wonderful behind the scenes glimpse of a travelling English theatre company led by an ageing Shakespearean actor/knight as he battles the hardships of a diminishing cast, World War 11 and his own demons.

Roles Auditioning are:

Her Ladyship                   -late 40’s to 60’s—she has played the juvenile leads for ever to Sir’s heroes

Madge                              -middle aged and devoted to Sir

Irene                                -young, ambitious (stage manager)

Geoffrey Thornton           -ageing Shakespearean bit part actor being extended beyond his skills

Mr  Oxenby -young enough to be ambitious.  Has an inflated opinion of himself.

There will be a read through fairly soon after casting to establish characterisation, followed by 3-4 weeks to learn lines.  Rehearsals start 29th August (Sunday) and continue Tues, Thurs, Sunday until opening.

Tickets for “One Flesh” now available

The tickets for “One Flesh” by Fiona Samuel, are now available either from our web site tickets page or from our friends at Rona Gallery, Muritai Road, Eastbourne.

The performances are on Tuesday 6 – Saturday 10 July at 8pm St Alban’s Church, Ngaio Street, Eastbourne as part of St Alban’s centenery celebrations. Refreshments will be available from 7:30pm.

“One Flesh” production dates now confirmed

The BCTT  production of “One Flesh” by Fiona Samuel,  directed by Peter Baldock will run from  Tuesday 6th  to Saturday 10th  of July at 8pm nightly. It will be performed in St Alban’s Church, Ngaio Street, Eastbourne as part of their 100 Anniversary celebrations.

Tickets will go on-sale from website  in June.

“One Flesh” is now cast. Looking at Performance in July

Yes, the show is cast with a mixture of Eastbourne locals new to BCTT as well as BCTT regulars. It’s a strong cast.

Since it’s taken us longer than planned to get the “right” cast, we’re now looking at performance dates in July.

The performance dates are 6-10 July.

Auditions: “One Flesh” on 11 April 2pm in Green Room

Yes, the next show is “One Flesh” by NZ playwright Fiona Samuels.

Auditions are in the Green Room on Sunday 11 April at 2pm.

The roles are

Frances – female early 40s

Hardy – male 70s

Penny – male a 30+ transvestite

Laurel – female 60s (Henry’s dead wife)

Kat – female 20s

Winston – male 30-40

Neil – male 30s

(except for Henry and Laurel the ages are indicative only)

To book an audition slot call the Director Peter Baldock on 562-8220 or e-mail on

Rehearsals start in week of 19 April with the production dates in mid-June.

Tickets & Membership can now be purchased via our BCTT site

Yes, you can now buy tickets for our current production “Measure for Measure” from our “shop” using your credit card. You will need to have an e-mail to be able to purchase and receive the tickets.

You can also join the troupe or renew your membership in a similar way. Go to the Membership page.

Unrehearsed reading of A Christmas Carol @ Lifeboat 7:30pm on Monday Nov 30

We’ve settled on a version of Dickens’s “A Christmas Carol” for this months play reading. It’s got about 24 roles M & F, with plenty of scope for “character acting” both M&F. So forget the Disney version and set your imagination free and get your teeth into this wonderful Dickens dialogue.

We’ll start 7:30, and as usual the Lifeboat will be more than happy to feed you beforehand ( & indeed during).

As usual we’ll ensure that everyone who wants to read, will do. This will be the last one this year, our Christmas reading, so bring your mistletoe etc..

See you there 7:30 on Monday Nov 30th at the Lifeboat Oroua St.

Cheers Barry

Unrehearsed Play Reading – Aug 24 @ 7:30 at the Lifeboat, Eastbourne

For the 1st of the planned regular play readings, we’ll be offering Rick Abbot’s play “Play On”. Its a comedy with a cast of 10 (7 female, 3 male), ages ranging from late teens to late 50s. It’s described as a thoroughly enjoyable romp.

“You are in rehearsal, the play opens soon, the actors are squabbling, the tech is going awry, the author keeps rewriting. Does this sound like a recipe for a hit? Maybe not, but it is a recipe for side-splitting belly laughs. The opening night fulfills the old theatrical adage – if it can go wrong, it does. When a theatre group is offered a royalty-free play “Murder Most Foul” from new playwright Phyllis Montague, the group welcome the chance to put the theatre back into the black for the first time in years. The group tries desperately to put on the play, amid all kinds of maddening interference from its authoress, who keeps revising the script until almost opening night. During the actual performance anything that can go wrong does.”

While the Butterfly Creek Theatre troupe has not experienced this scenario, we expect that it’ll contain theatrical goings-on we may each relate to!

We’ll distribute the parts among those who want to read, and we’ll ensure that everyone who wants to read, does.

The Lifeboat Tavern is setting aside the back area for us. We’ll be starting at 7:30, but some people are planning to get there earlier to eat before /during the reading. No charge, just buy your own drinks etc..

If you’re planning to eat there, could you let the coordinator know then we can alert the kitchen to expect us. Monday night is usually a slack night for them, so want to make sure they’re ready for us!