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The Ghost Train – Audition Call

by Arnold Ridley Deirected by Lian Butcher

Audition call for the Ghost Train by Arnold Ridley

Rehearsals start early June, performances early August.

Auditions will be at St Ronan’s Church, Eastbourne, 1st May between 2-5pm.

For a copy of the script and audition slot please email the Director: Lian Butcher at

About the play – set in the 1920’s

The plot revolves around a party of assorted railway travellers who find themselves stranded in the waiting room of an isolated country station in the evening. The station master tries to persuade them to leave the site as he is closing the station for the night. They refuse to leave, citing the lack of alternative accommodation for several miles around. He warns them of the supernatural danger of a spectral passenger train, the ghost of one that fatally wrecked in the locality several years before, that sometimes haunts the line at night, bringing death to all who set eyes upon it. Incredulous of his story, they still refuse to leave, and he departs leaving them facing a night at the station…..

Cast (note I will not be too precious about ages).

MISS BOURNE – unmarried independent woman about 60+ years of age

JULIA PRICE – a scared young woman 20 – 30sELSIE WINTHROP – unhappily married and independent 30 – 50s

PEGGY MURDOCK – newly married 20 – 30s

TEDDIE DEAKIN – a silly-ass, foppish 20 – 30s

RICHARD WINTHROP – serious and unhappily married to Elsie 40 – 50

CHARLES MURDOCK – a pleasant young man in his 20s

HERBERT PRICE – a man of about 50


JACKSON – 30 – 50

TWO OFFICERS – any adult age

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