AUDITIONS for Talking With by Jane Martin on 1st April, 2023.

Location: St Ronan’s Church, Fellowship Room, 234 Muritai Road, Eastbourne – 1:00-4:00 pm.

Performance dates: 6-8 July and 13-15 July (Thursday, Friday and Saturday) and rehearsals will begin 21 May

Director: Suzy Cain

Production Manager – Wendy Timarac

The script calls for 11 different women, however, I would like to encourage actors who identify with any gender to audition for Talking With. It is a collection of monologues that are poignant, funny, touching, truthful, fabulous stories, and above all, great roles to play.

All the characters will be portrayed as female. Here is a synopsis of the monologues:

Fifteen Minutes (20-40) – an actor prepares to go onstage and ponders on what it means to be “the entertainment”

Scraps (20-40) – a housewife talks about living in the Land of Oz and how she likes it “a lot better than life.”

Clear Glass Marbles – (20-40) – a woman talks about coping with her mother’s death

Audition – (20-50) – a slightly disturbed woman is prepared to go to all lengths to get a role

Rodeo – (20-5) – a cowgirl reminisces on the glory days of the rodeo

Twirler – (20-50) – a woman professes that her passion for twirling has brought her closer to God

Lamps – (50+) – a woman approaching her twilight years talks about the beauty of all kinds of light

Handler – (20-40) – “….one sure thing in this world…yer empty, yer gonna get bit.” A woman talks about how growing up in a snake handling church has formed her life

Dragons – (30-40) – a woman just about to give birth to a disabled child bravely faces the truth

French Fries (50+) – “I’ve seen a man healed by a Big Mac.” A mature woman talks about her love of McDonalds and the mysteries of plastic

Marks – (40+) – a woman who always “did as she supposed she might be told” now wears her life on her body and lives a life that is marked and interesting

Please note I am not looking for characters to be played as caricatures, but actors who can provide an honest portrayal of a female character. I will be looking for a ‘realistic’ acting style.

Those auditioning will read from the script, but if you would like to bring a very short 1-minute monologue, please feel free to do so.

Please email to set in an audition time (will be doing 10-minute time-slots).

If you have any questions, please let me know, happy to chat with you about your concerns. If you would like a copy of the script to read prior, please email me at the above email.

Thanks so much, see you on the 1st April.

Suzy Cain

027 384 4316

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