The Tempest – tickets now available

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The Tempest – is cast

The Tempest is cast. Had our first meeting and everybody is rarin to go. The cast is Prospero                       John Marwick Gonzalo                        Michaeljohn Butcher Ferdinand                     Rhiannon  Bertaud-Gandar Ceres, Nymph… (more…)

Auditions for The Tempest on 29 November

Auditions will be held on Sunday 29 November 12pm to 5pm with any recalls the following week. Contact Manny Garcia by email at if you are interested in being a part of this production.

Animal Farm – tickets available



Yes, had a good turn out of kids today to complete the casting. Wonderful thing is that we have a great cast and all from troupe members and the local community. Living up to BCTT’s aim of “community theatre”. So, pencil in Oct 22-25 and 29-31 for the performances. Its going to be a a show you wouldn’t want to miss.

Pygmalion tickets now available

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Pygmalion is cast

Yes, we have a fine cast and rehearsals are well underway.


Autions for Pygmalion are scheduled for 29 March. See AUDITIONS page for full details

HAMLET Tickets now available

Yes, got to TICKETS  to ensure you’ll be able to see this wonderful show. A Bard in The Yard Production  

Hamlet is cast

Directed by Emanuel E. Garcia Cast: Bernardo: David Gledhill Claudius: Hayden Rogers Fortinbras: Iain Gordon Francisco: Peter Hughson Gertrude: Renee Christie Gravedigger: Florence McFarlane Hamlet: Benjamin Haddock Horatio: Laurie Ward Laertes: Mike McJorrow Marcellus: Andy Hall Messenger(s): Erin Murphy, Leah Hulbert Ophelia: Harriet Prebble Osric: Erin Murphy Player King: Anne Manchester Player Queen: Sandra Gillespie Players: Erin Murphy, Leah Hulbert,… (more…)