As You Like It

by William Shakespeare

A Bard in the Yard staged reading directed by John Marwick and Jerry Duckor and presented over three nights in two members’ gardens.

Cast in order of appearance

Orlando                                          Reuben Hardy

Adam                                             Florence McFarlane

Oliver                                              Will Clannachan

Charles                                           John Marwick

Rosalind                                         Rowan Macrae

Celia                                               Joanna Hulme

Touchstone                                   Gavin della Barca

Le Beau                                         Trevor Rose

Duchess Frederica                        Anne Manchester

Duke Senior                                   Laurie Atkinson

Amiens                                           Trevor Rose

Silvius                                             Ashley Bloomfield

Corin                                               John Marwick

Jaques                                            Jerry Duckor

Audrey                                           Florence McFarlane

Sir Oliver Martext                       Trevor Rose

Phebe                                              Sarah Scarlett

William                                           Trevor Rose

A page                                            Trevor Rose

A page                                            Anne Manchester

Hymen                                           Anne Manchester

Jaques de Boys                             John Marwick

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