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What we do

The Butterfly Creek Theatre Troupe is a community theatre group based in Eastbourne, Wellington, New Zealand.

We aim to bring a good standard of theatre to Eastbourne, mounting up to 3 shows a year, with cast and production team drawn mostly from the local community. Our shows range from serious plays to musicals; frequently winning Wellington Theatre Federation awards. We are interested in bringing a wide range of stimulating but accessible theatre to our regular and occasional supporters and not just ‘bums on seats’.
We also run occasional workshops in aspects of theatre and have an extensive costume collection part of which can be made available to the Eastbourne community on request.


Where we perform

We are based in the community of Eastbourne, in Lower Hutt NZ.
Our theatre is in the Muritai School Hall, Muritai Road, Eastbourne.
The “green room” where we meet for readthroughs, workshops etc. is accessed by the door leading off the northern end of the building.


How to join

Membership is open to all who are interested in any of the aspects of theatre. Annual registration fees are $27 family, $17 individual and $5 school children. The membership year runs from July.  Paid-up members receive a membership card that entitles them to discounts on shows and workshops and the newsletters. Subscriptions received before December 31 also entitle the member to a free show ticket.

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You can contact us by writing a feedback to this page (or any of the other pages) or by any of the following means.

Postal Address:

The Secretary, Butterfly Creek Theatre Troupe
PO Box 41120

Email: bctt.org.nz@gmail.com

Office Holders 2021/2022:

Coordinator: Lian Butcher

Secretary: Matt Ruglys

Treasurer: Colin Orchiston

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History of the Troupe

The Butterfly Creek Theatre Troupe was established in 1987. The first production was born out of a meeting of a dozen or so people interested in live theatre, who felt that Eastbourne should not be behind other small areas in having its own theatre company. The budget for the first show consisted of what money those people had in their pockets at the time, and the trust of some local retailers willing to give credit for materials.

With no assets, no bank account, and no reputation, The Butterfly Creek Theatre Troupe launched into a production that consisted of a revue-style first half, followed by a light-hearted melodrama, The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll.

Fired with enthusiasm at the success of this first effort and eager to push ahead to the next show, The Troupe held auditions for a pantomime, to be staged a few months later: an old classic, The Tinder Box.
Since that first year the Troupe has staged more than thirty major productions, and been involved in many one-off performances including Bye Bye Borough day, the first Eastbourne Promenade day, cabarets for Eastbourne and Hutt Lions Christmas functions, and the Wellington Botanical Gardens Cavalcade Pageant. The Troupe has also done many play-readings and run a wide variety of workshops.

During the Troupe’s twenty eight years, there have been many social events for members and their families. These have included summer picnics at Butterfly Creek and Rimutaka Forest Park, a camp-out weekend at a member’s property in the Wairarapa, and numerous parties. Since the inaugural meeting in 1987, there have been over 200 people involved in Troupe productions.

The Troupe feels itself to be very much a part of the Eastbourne community, with the membership being predominantly locals, but no one is excluded! There is a broad range of involvement among members, depending on their other commitments.



Butterfly Creek Theatre Troupe is a registered charity number CC32463

Is on the Charities Commission website #402677 Alteration of Rules

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