Unrehearsed Play Reading – Aug 24 @ 7:30 at the Lifeboat, Eastbourne

For the 1st of the planned regular play readings, we’ll be offering Rick Abbot’s play “Play On”. Its a comedy with a cast of 10 (7 female, 3 male), ages ranging from late teens to late 50s. It’s described as a thoroughly enjoyable romp.

“You are in rehearsal, the play opens soon, the actors are squabbling, the tech is going awry, the author keeps rewriting. Does this sound like a recipe for a hit? Maybe not, but it is a recipe for side-splitting belly laughs. The opening night fulfills the old theatrical adage – if it can go wrong, it does. When a theatre group is offered a royalty-free play “Murder Most Foul” from new playwright Phyllis Montague, the group welcome the chance to put the theatre back into the black for the first time in years. The group tries desperately to put on the play, amid all kinds of maddening interference from its authoress, who keeps revising the script until almost opening night. During the actual performance anything that can go wrong does.”

While the Butterfly Creek Theatre troupe has not experienced this scenario, we expect that it’ll contain theatrical goings-on we may each relate to!

We’ll distribute the parts among those who want to read, and we’ll ensure that everyone who wants to read, does.

The Lifeboat Tavern is setting aside the back area for us. We’ll be starting at 7:30, but some people are planning to get there earlier to eat before /during the reading. No charge, just buy your own drinks etc..

If you’re planning to eat there, could you let the coordinator know then we can alert the kitchen to expect us. Monday night is usually a slack night for them, so want to make sure they’re ready for us!

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