Auditions for William Shakespeare’s Hamlet

 “Bard in the Yard” 2015

 Directed by Emanuel E. Garcia

AUDITIONS: Sunday 7 December 2014, 1-5 PM, Muritai School Hall, Eastbourne  (with callbacks/first reading Sunday 14 December)

Rehearsals: Tuesday and Thursday evenings and Sunday afternoons beginning Sunday 11 January

Production dates: 2-7 March 2015 (Tuesday through Saturday evenings)

Please email emanuelegarcia@gmail.com to arrange for a time

Flexibility regarding roles will be greatly appreciated.  Depending on turnout, there may also be additional minor or non-speaking roles.
This production of  Shakespeare’s Hamlet will, except for judicious cutting, be faithful to the Bard’s, emphasising clarity of language and poetry while retaining brisk dramatic action and liveliness.  The roles around Hamlet will be given especial weight and prominence in this interpretation of Shakespeare’s legendary masterpiece.

The five principal male characters are:

 Hamlet, Prince of Denmark

 Claudius, King of Denmark and Hamlets’ uncle

 Polonius, advisor to Claudius, father of Laertes and Ophelia, member of Danish  Privy Council

Laertes, Polonius’ son

Horatio, friend and confident to Hamlet

The two principal female characters are

Ophelia, Polonius’ daughter

Gertrude, Queen of Denmark, Hamlet’s mother

The Players: a mix of older and younger principally female characters

Other roles are:

Bernardo, Marcellus and Francisco, soldiers

Fortinbras, Prince of Norway


Osric, a courtier (may be played by a female)


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