Second Thought Smoko AUDITIONS

The end of 2014 year production will be two one act plays written by two of the Three Sisters cast, Eastbourne’s very own Theo Nettleton (The AGM of the East Side Wolves) and Mike McJorrow (Second Thought Smoko).

The plays will be directed by Theo and by Brittany McKendry. Auditions (ages 10 – 60 M or F) will be held on Sunday 3rd August from 2pm at St Alban’s Church Hall Eastbourne.

SECOND THOUGHT SMOKE is now cast, but there are still a few roles available for EAST SIDE WOLVES


If you want to be part of two funny original plays, make new friends or just give community theatre a go, then contact Brittany McKendry at

You can either ask to audition for just one play or for both.

Production Dates 24, 25, 26, 31 October & 1, 2 November 2014.

We’ll also welcome anyone interested in any of the production team roles.

The AGM of the East Side Wolves by Theo Nettleton

Not an ordinary play. A committed group of the most dedicated supporters of the ‘East Side Wolves‘ are holding one of their regular committee meetings in public, to announce the team has got to Nationals! The audience join in the excitement with the teammates, sponsors and family watching the meeting unfold with them. The meeting soon takes new turns as the secret plans and relationships of the committee, along with their inability to organise themselves, becomes apparent. So come on down an audition for a part 2pm Sunday 3rd August.

Along with the diverse range of committee members on stage (around a table) are an exciting mix of their supporters involved from the audience.

The Committee

Dave: (M 35-60) The Chairperson. Dave has been in the role for a long time, and we have a lot to thank him for! He led the East Side Wholes to victory when they first won the Champs in ’85. Perhaps the greatest supporter of our team he works dam hard and has a great passion for the sport.

Francie: (F 35-60) Dave’s wife. You might call her a Soccer mum, but you would never question her desire to see The Wolves win Nationals. David and Fanny may have met when she was a cheerleader in ’85 but recently she has been acting strange…

Gavin: (M 30-50)Our committed Treasurer. God bless him he tries his best. Gav and Dave have been friends a long time and look out for each other. It’s not easy running such a successful team!

Dick: (M 35-60) Our team manager. He played in that championship wining game with Dave. Dick tends to rub people up the wrong way. Something fishy might be happening between him and Francie. He is jealous of Dave? But he does have team spirit, even though he is a dick.

Coach: (M 30-50) Good old coach! Where would we be without him? Though he is often late for meetings, you can always count on him for a good inspirational word and a hug.

Mr Secretary: (M or F 25-50)What a go getter. It’s important to follow the meeting producers but it can get tiring! Constantly checking the meeting is running to time, he performs his secretarial duties with diligence.

The Cleaner: (M or F 20-50)What is this committee doing here again? They never book the hall, always just getting in the way of the rounds! That poor cleaner just wants to get the job done and head home, not baby sit a bunch of fanatic middle age men.

The Supporters

The characters who participate from the audience play a huge part in showing the audience members how much we all love the East Side wolves. When they are not telling the committee what they think, they are can be heard yelling ‘Go the Wolves!’ I’m so proud of our team…

Mr/Ms Whitfield: (M/F 40-60) The local accountant, and what a man/woman. He only came along to support our team, but being a Chartered Accountant he can’t just sit by as finances are discussed. Some say he changed the course of history at that meeting…

Mr Morris: (M 35-60) He’s a bit of a pushy man. Makes me feel sorry for Simon his son. If only he could just keep his mouth shut at the meetings! He seems to get along with Francie and Dick, what could they be up to?

Bob: (M 30-60) Such a nice man, you probably know him, he owns the local stationary shop. One of the East Side Wolves greatest supports. You see him at every competition. He knows David wants what’s best for the Wolves.

The Team (as many as possible!) Where would we be without the team! Even in all the mayhem they keep their hopes high for nationals. They work hard to show everyone at the meeting how much we all love our Wolves.

Jenny: (F 15-25) David and Francie’s daughter. One of the best players there is. You should see her go! She stands up for what she knows is right and always trusts her Dad. If only Francie wasn’t such a drama queen.

Peter: (M 15-25) The team Captain. What a boy! He will see that we win at Nationals. When will the adults learn, it’s about the love of the game not these meetings?

Simon Morris: (M 15-25)It’s not easy being the only child of Mr Morris. Simons happy where he is in the team, but his old man thinks he could be Captain. But can Simon be a bit of a trouble maker?

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