3 Sisters

Three Sisters by Anton Checkhov

Presented by Butterfly Creek Theatre Troupe

Directed by Emanuel E. Garcia

Auditions: Sunday 28 July 2013 – Time on request

Rehearsals: Tuesday and Thursday evenings and Sunday afternoons starting on 8 August

Production: 17, 18, 19, 24, 25, 26 October.

To audition please email for an audition time – include a contact number.

 Actor and actresses auditioning are encouraged to be flexible regarding roles and not to be overly concerned about age.

Please prepare any short piece (maximum 2 minutes) from a modern play to show yourself at your best.


Chekhov’s Three Sisters was premiered at the Moscow Arts Theatre in 1901 and has since become a recognised classic.

This production will emphasise the impressionistic and dream-like aspects of the drama. Ease and grace of movement will be highly valued. A minimalist set will afford players considerable interpretative and ‘choreographic’ scope, while integrated musical elements from a soundscape will augment the dramatic presentation.

There are four principal female characters and eight male (with two additional minor roles of each gender), who range in age from twenty to above sixty.



• NATALYA IVANOVNA, also called NATASHA (his fiancée, afterwards his wife) (late twenties/thirties)

• OLGA (Oldest of Prozorov’s sisters:twenties/thirties)

• MASHA (Middle of Prozorov’s sisters: twenties)

• IRINA (Youngest of Prozorov’s sisters: twenties)

• ANFISA (the nurse, an old woman of eighty)



• ANDREY SERGEEVICH PROZOROV: Thirties, elder brother of the three sisters

• FYODOR ILICH KULYGIN (high-school teacher, husband of MASHA) (late forties/fifties)


• BARON NIKOLAY LVOVITCH TUZENBAKH (Lieutenant) (forties/fifties)

• VASSILY VASILEVICH SOLYONY (Captain) (forties/fifties)

• IVAN ROMANOVICH CHEBUTYKIN (Army Doctor) (sixties)

• ALEXEY PETROVITCH FEDOTIK (Second Lieutenant) (thirties)

• VLADIMIR KARLOVITCH RODE (Second Lieutenant) (thirties)

• FERAPONT (an old Porter from the Rural Board) (sixties/seventies or above)

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