BCTT’s 16th annual Shakespeare will be a Bard in the Yard outdoor production of “What You WILL” (aka Twelfth Night).

Director John Marwick takes a fresh look at one of the Bard’s best-loved comedies, moving it out of its traditional Elizabethan winter setting to something much more modern for summer-by-the-sea. This will be an exuberant celebration of life, love and laughter.

Performance dates are Tuesday 26 February – Saturday 2 March.

Casting will take place soon after the auditions with a read-through before Christmas and then an intensive rehearsal period starting on 6 January. Rehearsals will be on Tuesday and Thursday evenings and Sunday afternoons. One intensive weekend (Saturday and Sunday) will be confirmed later.

Auditions will be held in the afternoon of Sunday 9 December.

To audition email johncmarwick@gmail.com for an audition time and details of what is required.

Auditions will be in the St Alban’s Hall, Ngaio St, Eastbourne.


ORSINO: He’s in charge and he thinks he’s in love – but he doesn’t know real love till it hits him in the face (youngish)

OLIVIA: She’s proud and not thinking of love – till a love she can’t have hits her in the face (youngish)

VIOLA: She’s lost and sad but when she’s hit in the face by love she dives right in (youngish)

SEBASTIAN: He’s sad too – but strong and impetuous when love hits him in the face (youngish)

TOBY BELCH: Never sad, enjoys life though he’s too often drunk to see love hitting him in the face (middle-aged)

MARIA: Basically a good woman if a bit of a schemer – she fancies Toby if only he’d notice (middle-aged)

ANDREW AGUECHEEK: Nice but silly fellow, hasn’t a clue how to hit anyone in the face with love or anything else (middle-aged)

MALVOLIO: What a prig – hits himself in the foot with love – and gets what he deserves (or does he?) (middle-aged)

FABIAN: He/she gets a bit carried away and enjoys all sorts of mischief but maybe a bit too much in the end (young – middle-aged)

FESTE: He/She sees all and ties the play together – sings, dances, enjoys and observes life – walks about the orb like the sun and shines everywhere (any age)

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