Beauty and the Beast AUDITIONS

Beauty Auditions AdBEAUTY and the BEAST has been cast.BEAUTY and the BEAST by David Swan

Auditions: 24 March

At Muritai School, Eastbourne

phone director Florence McFarlane  5628116 for time. Prepare something to show your skills. We are looking for actors who can sing, though if they’re right for a part and can’t sing, there is always lip-synching! 

ROLES as described by the author:

FAIRY ROSE –  the red rose fairy (is earthy, voluptuous & magical – a tempestuous tinkerbell).

WIDOW BONBON – a sweetshop-keeper, comic dame but not the usual man-hungry vamp (should appeal to the children) an obsessive mum who forces her 3 adult offspring to be dressed as children. They would love to be free of her apron strings but can’t.

SHERBET – her son (M), CANDY – her eldest daughter (F), FLOSSY – her youngest daughter (F); They are a comic trio who “get the audience going”.

There is the dimwit traffic warden comic duo; officious NOSEY PARKER – Chief Traffic warden (M/F) and twit KIRBY CRAWLER – trainee traffic warden (M/F)

The 2 princes are played by the same person. JASPER – the bad twin, prince & king (M) trying to be terribly debonair, CASPER – the good twin, prince; the embodiment of goodness

BEAST – the enchanted prince (M) is not your usual terrifying beast, more ugly monster, clumsy, gentle, kind and stupid; a bit like Cookie monster in Sesame Street. no mask.

Dr TOOTLE – a melody merchant (M) is a former ladykiller, an old zany rogue and conman with a wonderful line of patter.

BONNIE – his daughter, principal girl (F) pretty but definitely not dumb, expert at keeping her father out of trouble.

GIGI – their horse (M/F) is a very busy horse appearing right throughout the panto. a challenging part.

TRACEY – a girl of today (F) brash, self possessed and cheeky

ENCHANTED CASTLE – voice only (M) – quite a lot to do though

CHORUS & DANCERS: – (children & adults) Local Village Characters, Various Monsters, Can-Can Girls

PERFORMANCES in Muritai School Hall,  July 2013  4, 5, 6, 11, 12, 13 @ 7:30pm with a matinee on the 7th @ 2:30pm.
REHEARSALS are Tuesdays and Thursdays in the Muritai School Hall at  7pm or 7:30pm for principals AND Sundays 2pm -5pm for children,chorus and principals as called.

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