Directed by Emanuel Garcia

Performances 19,20,21 July and 26,27,28 July


21 & 22 April 2pm – 5pm at Muritai School Hall, Muritai Road, Eastbourne


Production Script of John Gabriel Borkman


Director’s notes for the audition.

The cast, with Ibsen’s descriptions, are indicated below.  I will be looking for resonant and flexible voices and  grace of movement. We will be attempting to reveal Ibsen’s world through creative lighting, soundscape and a set that reflects the imposing presence of the Norwegian countryside.  I am not concerned about actual age, but about the actor’s ability to portray the characters.  If I indeed have a ‘vision’ of Borkman, it is to allow as much scope to Ibsen as possible, and to respect the intricate subtlety, poetry  and psychological complexity of the play.  Munch’s ‘Starry Night’ (in the above logo)  is a marvelous pictorial condensation.

Auditioners are of course encouraged to familiarise themselves with the play beforehand.  Please be prepared to present a brief soliloquy of your choosing (from anything, not necessarily Ibsen) and to read excerpts from Borkman as requested. I am not so much interested in preparation but in responsiveness to my style of direction, which will allow a great deal of individual creativity, and will be dependent upon mastery of lines. The play will not be ‘modernised’ or set along an Amazonian tributary: it will occur in late 19th century Norway, but with what I hope will be a ‘clean’ and relatively timeless look.  The towering winter of the Norwegian mountains will be a constant visual and aural presence.

Characters are listed as follows

JOHN GABRIEL BORKMAN Formerly Managing Director of a Bank.Of middle height, a well-knit, powerfully-built man, well on in the sixties. His appearance is distinguished, his profile finely cut, his eyes piercing, his hair and beard curly and greyish-white. He is dressed in a slightly  old-fashioned black coat, and wears a white necktie.
MRS. GUNHILD BORKMAN His wife.An elderly lady, of cold, distinguished appearance, with stiff carriage and immobile features. Her abundant hair is very grey. Delicate transparent hands. Dressed in a gown of heavy dark silk, which has originally been handsome, but is now somewhat worn and shabby.
ERHART BORKMAN Their son, a student.A young man with bright cheerful eyes. He is well dressed; his moustache is beginning to grow.
MISS ELLA RENTHEIM Mrs. Borkman’s twin sister.Resembles her sister, but her face has rather a suffering than a hard expression. It still shows signs of great beauty, combined with strong character. She has a great deal of hair, which is drawn back from the forehead in natural ripples, and is snow-white. She is dressed in black velvet, with a hat and a fur-lined cloak of the same material.
MRS. FANNY WILTON. A strikingly handsome, well-developed woman in the thirties. Broad, red, smiling lips, sparkling eyes.  Luxuriant dark hair.
VILHELM FOLDAL Subordinate clerk in a Government office.A bent and worn man with mild blue eyes and long, thin grey hair straggling down over his coat collar. He has a portfolio under his arm, a soft felt hat, and large horn spectacles, which he pushes up over his forehead.
FRIDA FOLDAL His daughter.A pretty, pale girl of fifteen, with a somewhat weary and overstrained expression. She is cheaply dressed in light colours.
MRS. BORKMAN’S MAID. (We can be creative with age/type, looks!)


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