Communicating Doors – Audition 5 August

A time-travelling comedy thriller

Presented as part of their Silver Jubilee Year by Butterfly Creek Theatre Troupe

Directed by John Marwick

It’s time for a laugh, a giggle, a shock and a bit of suspense.

Communicating Doors is one of the most popular plays from one of Britain’s best known and loved comedy writers. The play is set in a London hotel suite and spans 40 years from 2032 through the present and back to 1992. As well as Ayckbourn’s wonderful wit and humour, the play gets its audiences puzzling while genuinely delivering suspense and the odd shock.

It features three women: Poopay, a very timid dominatrix; Jessica, a young wife on her honeymoon; and Jessica a no-nonsense 45-year old. These three are all related in one way or another to Reece, a wealthy but ruthless businessman and his associate, Julian.

Communicating Doors has now been cast. 

Auditions: 5 August

Rehearsals: Tuesday and Thursday evenings and Sunday afternoons starting on 12 August

Production: 18, 19, 20, 25, 26, 27 October.


Reece: a businessman aged (approx.) 30 and 70

Jessica: his first wife aged 25 & 45

Ruella: his second wife aged 45

Julian: his business associate aged 45 and 65

Phoebe (Poopay): a prostitute aged 33

Harold: a house detective aged 35 and 55

To audition please email for an audition time – include a contact number. Please prepare any short piece (maximum 2 minutes) from a modern play to show you at your best.

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