Oleanna by David Mamet July 2011

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Oleanna by David Mamet

Directed by John Marwick

At Muritai School Theatre


23, 24, 25, 30 June, 1 & 2 July 2011


A controversial American adult drama about a university lecturer and one of his young woman students. It’s about how a teacher who misuses his power can seriously damage a vulnerable student. Or maybe it’s about how political correctness can be carried to extremes and damage the lives of well-meaning people. It’s about sexual harassment – or maybe it’s about extreme feminism.

Reviews and audience comments from Eastbourne season:

Tanja Piejus review: http://review.org.nz/article.php/20110627201145662

“leaves the audience arguing long afterwards”

“excellently performed and rendered production”



Maggie Rainey-Smith’s blog review: http://acurioushalfhour.wordpress.com/

“terrific performance”

“acting outstanding”

“compelling and thought-provoking”

“brilliantly rendered so that your sympathies are constantly moving”

“the ending is superb”


John Smythe (of Theatreview) on Oleanna Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=194683697244742

“Saw it tonight – very compelling, The actors draw us into to their respective truths and command our understanding of – if not our agreement with – aspects of their behaviour. The discussion afterwards lasted out to the car and all the way home back to Wellington. One more show in Eastbourne – then a brief season at the Gryphon (in August?). Well worth it.”

Audience members:

“Woke up in the morning and thought how brilliant the play was”

“Made me feel sick because of the reality of it”



80 minutes – no interval – latecomers not admitted. 8 pm start – bar open from 7.30 pm.

Contains some coarse language and adult themes – not suitable for children.

Presented in an intimate stage setting – seating limited – bookings essential.

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