“Joe Egg” adjudicator’s report received

A Day in The Death of Joe Egg is the troupe’s entry in this years Wellington Theatre Federation full length play competition.  The adjudicator seemed to agree with the audiences’ reactions; she ended her report saying:

” Congratulations on a fine performance; we went away satisfied we had seen a very well produced play.”

“This was a tight and energetic performance. It moved along at a good pace with lots of response from the audience. Fluid shifts from one scenario to another kept the audience focussed. Humour was played well allowing the darkness of despair and uncertainly to emerge. We saw the tragedy, we felt the pain. Strong team-work was evident and the set was workable. The play is wordy but you managed to keep the performance to about 2 hours. Overall you met all the challenges this play offered.”

Play “Spot the BCTT Actor” in new film Separation City

Yes, many of our own acting luminaries were extras in this film which was part shot in Wellington last year.

The film, written by Tom Scott has it’s premiere in Wellington on 5th August at the Embassy theatre.

Let us know which of our member you spot in the film, and also if you can identify any of the Wellington locations.

See both the Hoyts press release for details
and also a TVNZ interview with Tom Scott and trailer (after being forced to watch a short ad).

Troupe on Wellington Access Radio

Check out this link to hear Florence McFarlane and Barry Mawer talking about the Troupe and the upcoming production of Joe Egg.


The interview was aired on Access Radio(783AM) on the evening of 23 June.

The segment with Florence & Barry is about 30 minutes into the programme.

June Troupedour distributed.

Main topic is our next production of “A Day in the Death of Joe Egg” in late June.
The usual printed copies have been sent out to all paid-up members. It has also been e-mailed to those with a known valid e-mail address.

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AGM on Thurs 23 July at 7.30pm

The AGM is scheduled for Thurs 23 July at 7.30pm at the Muritai School Hall, Muritai Road, Eastbourne. There will be short meeting with the usual agenda of reports and election of officers. This will be followed by a games night.

Nominations for officers will be accepted on the night. Any advance nominations should be made to the secretary.

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