Next member’s readthrough @ The Lifeboat, Eastbourne, Monday 2 August 7:30pm

Hoping to see as many member as possible next Monday, 2nd August at the Lifeboat for a read through of what promises to be more than a bit of a giggle, ‘Murdered to Death’ by Peter Gordon.

….This hilarious spoof of the best of Agatha Christie traditions is set in a country manor house in the 1930s, with an assembled cast of characters guaranteed to delight –Bunting the butler; an English Colonel with the prerequisite stiff upper lip; a shady French art dealer and his moll; the bumbling police inspector and a well-meaning local sleuth who seems to attract murder wherever she goes – they’re all here, and all caught up in the side-splitting antics which follow the mysterious death of the house’s owner. It soon becomes clear that the murderer isn’t finished yet, but will the murderer be unmasked before everyone else has met their doom, or will audiences die laughing first?

As usual if you feel like eating before the reading, The Lifeboat has a good menu. Probably need to get there 6:30-ish.
Alex Cooper will be your hostess for the night & she will allocate the parts around to those who want to read.

So brush up your French & English accents & give ’em an airing at what is sure to be lots of fun.

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