Next member’s playreading @ The Lifeboat on Monday 30 August

If you have ever fancied playing doctors and nurses, now’s your chance!

The next reading at the Lifeboat is for It runs in the family – a comedy by Ray Cooney.

Lots of parts – 7 males and 5 females across a range of ages so we expect a bloody good turnout – only a note from your mother will be accepted for you not turning up!(that’s Ann’s input – subtle eh!). Anyway, it’s nearly spring so we need a night out!

Set in the doctor’s common room of a London Hospital, Dr David Morton is rehearsing his speech for the prestigious Ponsonby Lecture, which could lead to his knighthood, when in bursts an old flame, hotly pursued by her (their?) son, who is desperate to finally meet his dad! Frantic to hide this catastrophic news from his wife and the hospital authorities and possibly lose any change of getting a knighthood, David is forced to invent not one but two non-existent husbands! A delightful frantic farce.

You’ll remember the excellent farce (Out of Order) we did a few years ago also by Ray Cooney.

As usual, parts will be shared around those who want to read, so all will get a good “crack”.

Start 7:30pm.

Also do join those of us who will be eating there beforehand at about 6:30. It’s quite a good time too!

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