Covid-19 and the Troupe

The BCTT committee has met to discuss our COVID response policy to ensure the safety of our cast, crew and audiences. We have carried out a risk assessment in which COVID was identified as a critical risk. We are also of course following the requirements under the Government’s traffic light system. Therefore, at this stage and until further notice, all cast, crew and audiences must provide evidence of a vaccine pass to be involved, or attend our rehearsals and performances. If you are unwell, we please encourage you to get tested and stay away from any rehearsals or performances.

As we are currently in “red” within the traffic light system, audience numbers for the summer play will be limited to 50 (due to space) and distanced 1m apart. Note you will need to wear a mask at all times. Please buy your tickets for A Midsummer’s Night Dream as soon as you can, as tickets will be limited.

This is about keeping everyone safe and we thank you for your understanding.

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