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Borkman opens to critical acclaim

Stuart and I loved the play! Dark and deeply disturbing, wonderful nuances felt in the relationships among the characters. Nothing was overplayed in these complex roles. You all seemed to lose yourselves inside your roles so completely that we forgot who you were in real life. Timing was excellent. We were impressed by how people coped with the lengthy dialogues.… (more…)

Borkman: 11 days to opening

All the major set construction is now complete after a great working bee today, the lights are in. Just have to do all the set dressing & special effects. Carol has all the major costume items complete too, and they look superb. Oh, and the rehearsals are going well too, the play is taking shape. A few tingle moments already.… (more…)

Borkman is cast & rehearsals underway

Director Emanuel Garcia says ” We have what I think  will prove to be a powerhouse cast”. John Gabriel Borkman: Barry Mawer Foldal: Peter Baldock Gunhild Borkman: Janet McIsaac Ella Rentheim: Florence McFarlane Mrs. Wilton: Elspeth Harris Erhart Borkman: Laurie Ward Frida Foldal: Rhiannon Bertaud-Gouda Malena (Maid): Sue Jones  

Audition call for John Gabriel Borkman

Auditions for Henrik Ibsen’s John Gabriel Borkman will be held at Muritai School on Saturday and Sunday, 21 and 22 April, from 2 to 5 PM. All welcome. The performances are July 19-21, and 26-28. The director’s (Emanuel Garcia) notes are: I will be looking for resonant and flexible voices and  grace of movement. We will be attempting to reveal… (more…)

BCTT site upgraded

Yes, as you can see the site has been upgraded, primarily to make it faster and easier to use. In the process, it has a new “look and feel” to it that we hope you’ll like. Our aim has been to get the site ready for the sale of tickets for The Comedy of Errors, which works OK, though there… (more…)

The Comedy of Errors. Tickets now available for sale on-line.

Comedy of Errors – set in Brisbane with the rancour of World Rugby Cup loss still ringing in the ears of the locals. Rivalry, mistaken identity, lost family, a shipwreck, and lots more take you through this hilarious action filled comedy at breakneck speed. Performed on the Muritai School Yard stage(in the Hall if wet) 7:30pm 28 29 Februrary &… (more…)

Tickets & Membership can now be purchased via our BCTT site

Yes, you can now buy tickets for our current production “Measure for Measure” from our “shop” using your credit card. You will need to have an e-mail to be able to purchase and receive the tickets. You can also join the troupe or renew your membership in a similar way. Go to the Membership page.

Troupe on Wellington Access Radio

Check out this link to hear Florence McFarlane and Barry Mawer talking about the Troupe and the upcoming production of Joe Egg. ACCESS RADIO INTERVIEW The interview was aired on Access Radio(783AM) on the evening of 23 June. The segment with Florence & Barry is about 30 minutes into the programme.