Auditions for The Dresser on Sunday 18 July from 11am

The Dresser – by newly knighted Sir Ronald Harwood is the third BCTT production for 2010.

Auditions for supporting roles on 18th July from 11am at Muritai School Hall.

Phone Florence on 562 8116 for a time.

Performances: October 21, 22, 23 & 28, 29, 30,

This play gives us a wonderful behind the scenes glimpse of a travelling English theatre company led by an ageing Shakespearean actor/knight as he battles the hardships of a diminishing cast, World War 11 and his own demons.

Roles Auditioning are:

Her Ladyship                   -late 40’s to 60’s—she has played the juvenile leads for ever to Sir’s heroes

Madge                              -middle aged and devoted to Sir

Irene                                -young, ambitious (stage manager)

Geoffrey Thornton           -ageing Shakespearean bit part actor being extended beyond his skills

Mr  Oxenby -young enough to be ambitious.  Has an inflated opinion of himself.

There will be a read through fairly soon after casting to establish characterisation, followed by 3-4 weeks to learn lines.  Rehearsals start 29th August (Sunday) and continue Tues, Thurs, Sunday until opening.

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