AUDITIONS for OLEANNA Sunday 27 March

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Butterfly Creek Theatre Troupe’s winter production will be Oleanna, a modern American classic written by David Mamet.  The play is probably the most controversial work by one of the world’s a great living dramatists.  It deals with political correctness, power, and abuse – issues that are still very real and relevant nearly 20 years after its first production.  Since that time it has polarised and troubled audiences.  This is a play that will stick in your mind for a long time – adult theatre of the first order.

This is a wonderful opportunity for two good actors to come to grips with two very well-written complex characters in a fascinating situation.

The script can be viewed here:

Production dates: 23, 24, 25, 30 June & 1, 2 July.  Rehearsals from mid-April.  Production and rehearsals in Eastbourne.


Carol:  University student, aged in her ?early 20s, unsure of herself, American accent (preferably working class area)

John: University lecturer, 40s to late 50s, very sure of himself, New England accent (?Boston)

If you wish to audition you must contact the director, John Marwick


Mobile: 027 451 2849 (texts preferred)

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