AUDITIONS: for Much Ado About Nothing

Our 2011 production of William Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing will be directed by Emanuel (Manny) E. Garcia

This is open to all BCTT members and any others you may know who’d like to join us for the production.

Where: St. Alban’s Church Hall, Ngaio St, Eastbourne

When: 1- 5 pm Saturday 27 November 2010

Principals 1-3 p.m

Ensemble 3-5 p.m

Call Manny on 021-0227-3439 to book audition slot.

Principals: Beatrice, Benedick, Don Pedro, Hero, Claudio, Leonato, Don John, Dogberry

Principals please prepare an extended passage of your choosing for the character for whom you are auditioning

Production dates: 1-5 March 2011 @ Muritai School, Eastbourne. This is an open-air production (weather willing)

Rehearsals: Tues & Thurs evenings and Sundays from 11 Jan.

Casting: Early December, followed by readthrough focussing on text & meaning. Then cast familiarise themselves with the script before the 1st rehearsal in Jan.

About the Production

Shakespeare’s words, the foundation and flower of the English language, will be used as the primary guide to the drama, so that their poetry, music and multiple resonances will receive greatest emphasis. The Director will employ techniques of psychological interpretation that have proved successful in his work with classical musicians and other performers and creative artists so that the hidden meanings and drama of the play will emerge with surprise and spontaneity as the ensemble’s collective work evolves in rehearsal. Actors will be relied upon to bring their own interpretative powers to their roles, using minimalist staging resembling a ‘concert opera’ so as to maximise the impact of the spoken word and the dramatic gesture. Garcia calls it “Shakespeare from the inside out” and he will not so much direct as catalyse the ensemble’s talents in a way that promises to be a novel venture which, taken at the flood, leads onto the great good fortune of exciting theatre.

About the Director

We’re pleased to have Manny directing this production. He’s a very experienced director, having worked with professionals, amateurs and teenagers in the States. We think he brings a different exciting approach to directing and we’re very much looking forward to this production

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