Alert Level 2 for Snap!

Level 2 Rules:

 Please keep 1m distance from other audience members
 Please use the QR code or sign the contact tracing sheet
 Please use the hand sanitiser
 Please be patient while we seat everyone.
 Audience members can sit with their own group, groups will be seated 1m apart
 Please remain seated at all times (unless you need to use the bathroom) 
 Please wash your hands if using the bathroom
 No refreshments will be served
 Feel free to bring your own water or fizzy drink (no alcohol please)
 The interval will be shortened to 10 minutes to allow for a toilet break.
 At the conclusion to the play, please do not hang around and mingle with the other audience members.  
 Actors are not allowed to mingle with the audience.

Enjoy the play!!!

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